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The Priors Organic White Flour


The Priors Organic Strong White Flour

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The Prior's White Flour is made from English Mulika wheat to give a protein level of 14%.

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Product Description


    The Prior's White Flour from Foster's Mill is made from organic English Mulika wheat to ensure a protein level of 14%. 

    This award winning (National Trust Food Awards 2014) white flour is produced by sieving wholemeal through a fine nylon cloth using a traditional reel dressing machine. This can lead to variable amounts of wheat germ in the white flour creating a darker colour. This modern variety from the Paragon family is a great all-rounder. PLEASE NOTE that it absorbs less water than some varieties of wheat, so you may need to reduce the amount of water your recipe states (reduce the hydration). Use the flour for bread making (sourdough and yeasted breads) as well as pastries and scones

    Foster's Mill Flour Specification
    Name of Flour:

    Prior's Stoneground White Flour


    Mulika Wheat

    Certified Organic: Yes

    Home Farm, Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire

    % Protein:

    14% = Strong Flour

    Granularity: Fine

    Pastry, Sourdough, Yeasted Breads, Cakes (not suitable for very high protein breads such as ciabatta)

    Baking Comments:

    The stoneground milling process leaves the starch in the flour more intact than in roller milled flour. As a result the flour take up less water - be prepared to reduce the amount of water stated in the recipe you are using to compensate


Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Fosters Mill
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