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The Priors Organic Spelt Flour

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The Priors Spelt Flour (wholemeal) is made from Spelt grain from Hills Farm Partnership, Manor Farm, Bradenham, Norfolk. It has a protein of around 13%. Mix it with white flour for a very tasty loaf!

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The Priors Organic Spelt Flour

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  • The Priors Organic Spelt Flour
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£3.50 Includes VAT

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The Priors Spelt Flour from Foster's Mill is made from Spelt grain from Hills Farm Partnership, Manor Farm, Bradenham, Norfolk. Spelt is a variety of wheat which is related to wheat grown in Roman times. It is genetically different from modern varieties of wheat and has a different type of ear, leaf system and stalk height. The wheat grains are protected by a coarse husk which has to be removed in a de-hulling process before the grain is fit to mill. Occasionally, you will find some small pieces of the coarse husk in the flour as the process is not 100% fool proof!


Foster's Mill Flour Specification
Name of Flour:

Prior's Stoneground Spelt Flour


Alkor Variety Spelt Grain

Certified Organic: Yes

Hills Farm Partnership, Manor Farm, Bradenham, Norfolk

% Protein:

13% = Strong Spelt Flour

Granularity: Fine

Wholemeal spelt pastry, Spelt Bread

Baking Comments:

Spelt flour has a lovely nutty flavour and a higher oil content than other varieties of wheat. Yeast tends to react more quickly with the enzymes in the flour leading to larger pockets of air which, if they burst can lead to deflated loaves, a phenomenon known as bakers tunnel.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Fosters Mill
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Product FAQs

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  • What does the flour's protein percentage indicate?
    The protein level in the flour tells you how much gluten will be formed in the dough. Harder flours typically have higher protein levels and the higher the protein level, the greater the gluten that will be produced. The higher the gluten level, the better the dough will be at holding in the bubbles (carbon dioxide) produced during the proving. So, bakes that are flat or don't need much lift, such as biscuits, can have a low protein flour, less than 11%. Flours with a protein above this level are good for breads and other bakes where lots of lift is required. Flour with a higher level of protein will absorb more water. A recipe using a 12% protein may need only 60% - 65% hydration to deliver a satisfying bread, while the same recipe using a flour with a higher protein content may require a 70%-75% hydration to achieve good results. A strong gluten network, because of the high protein in the flour, will allow you to bulk ferment for longer without risking enzyme damage of the gluten network, as they break the proteins down. Cakes and pastries require low protein flour because a very light and soft-textured baked product is required. Conventional cakes and pastries do not go through long fermentation as most cake recipes use baking powder to achieve instant raising during the baking and mixing eggs and strong bread flour that can transform the whole mix in a heavy stodgy mass.
  • What is flour extraction rate?
    The extraction rate indicates how much of the ground cereal is included in the flour. So, wholemeal, the highest extraction, with the whole milled grain included, is 100%. A lighter "brown" flour is usually described as 81-85% flour, which means that about 15% of the bran has been removed making the flour lighter. The lower the extraction rate, the closer the flour is to white.
  • hi, please could you tell me if this, or any other of your flours, is unbleached? Thanks, and best wishes XXXX
    Hello, I can confirm that all of our flour is unbleached.
  • Is the flour unbleached?
    Yes, all of our flour is unbleached.

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