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La Cloche Baking Dome

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Make fantastic bread in your oven every time with a La Cloche. Ensure perfect golden, crackly crust and moist, evenly baked bread with this amazing product, based on 1000s of years of bread baking traditions.

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La Cloche Baking Dome

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  • La Cloche Baking Dome


Join the growing large number of La Cloche converts and never bake uninspiring bread again. A La Cloche will give your bread the wood-fired oven treatment, trapping steam with the rising dough to give you a loaf with a beautifully golden, crackly crust and soft, evenly baked crumb. Based on traditonal designs from the ancient Greeks and Romans, the La Cloche is highly rated by bakers around the world, including the renowned Dan Lepard and Rose Prince.

The La Cloche, with measures 30cm (12") in diameter and 18cm (7") high and made from stoneware is ideal for a 1kg round loaf. We include our own instruction booklet with the La Cloche to give you useage instructions and some recipes to help you get the most from your purchase (you can download it from this page too). It is oven and freezer proof and is easy to clean, requiring only to be soaked in warm water so that any baked on food may be scraped off.

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Product FAQs

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  • Will the La Cloche work in a gas or electric fan oven?
    Yes! The La Cloche will work in any conventional oven.
  • What size of proving basket should I use with the La Cloche?
    A 1kg round cane banneton is well suited to the La Cloche as even after rising in the oven, there is still room for the steam to circulate and develop the crust.
  • Can you use this to make a pizza in?
    For deep-dish pizza, certainly yes. Actually Sassafras (the manufacturer) offers the base separately and calls it a deep-dish pizza baker.
  • I have an Everhot range. Can La Cloche be put into an already hot oven or would it crack?
    You should be fine - we have not heard of any problems in that regard.
  • What is the internal height available to the rising bread?
    The internal height of the La Cloche is 14cm.
  • Will the La Cloche work in an AGA? Many thanks
    Yes, that should be fine.
  • What are the measurements of la cloche? Also do you recommend it being used with fan-assistance or with conventional electric heat?
    The La Cloche is 30cm in diameter and overall height 18cm and is excellent with both fan assisted and conventional electric ovens - particularly in fan ovens as the dome protects the dough from excess drying which fan ovens tend to do.
  • Can La Cloche be used for cooking anything other than bread?
    Yes, it can be used for: chicken, roasts and fish bakes amongst other things .
  • What is the max. oven temp. the La Cloche Can be used with?
    You can use it in oven temperatures of 250C without problem.
  • May I know the total weight of the dome ?
    The dome itself weighs 1.85kg and the base 1.35kg, total 3.2kg.
  • Is it possible to use the La cloche baking Dome on a bbq?
    I'm afraid not: the La Cloches are not designed for naked flames.
  • Would this suit a 500g loaf just as well? The same applies to La Cloche as well. I just don't bake loaves of 1Kg!
    Yes this and the La Cloche would suit any loaf that is approximately 1kg or lighter.
  • Can I prove the dough in the Cloche?
    Yes, actually the manufacturer suggests it, and then to put the cloche with dough into the oven without pre-heating the La Cloche. We think that it is better to pre-heat the La Cloche in order to get the temperature of the dough up quickly - which is best for oven spring and an excellent crust.
  • How do I choose between the cloche and the bread dome?
    Well, this is a choice based on personal preference. The La Cloches are much more popular and this is what I prefer. This is because the shallow based and domes lid makes it easy to get the loaf in and out while hot.
  • What is the best way to prevent my loaves sticking to the La Cloche base?
    Two things: First, make sure that the base has been seasoned properly and then sprinkle with flour, preferrably rye or semolina before tipping in the dough. Putting the dough into a hot la cloche is also best.
  • how do you load le cloche from a bannerton, without it going all over the place
    The hot La Cloche is removed from the oven and the top removed. The base is dusted with a little flour. Next (assuming your are right-handed), the banneton is held in the left hand and gently tipped over the base, with the edge of the banneton perched on the edge of the cloche. Your right hand over the dough to allow it to fall gently in to the cloche. Lid on and into the oven. Very easy once you know the method.
  • my round bannerton measures 20cm inside dia. x 7.5cm deep inside. would this produce a kilo dough weight for a le cloche or would i have to purchase a larger bannerton
    For a 1kg loaf you need a 1kg banneton. Ours measure approximately 21.5cm internal diameter. Do you normally fit a 1kg dough into yours? If so, then it is large enough for a 1kg loaf in a cloche. You can always make a smaller loaf in there too.
  • As with other cooking, should the temperature in a fan oven be reduced by 20 Degrees C when using La Cloche?
    This is quite oven specific as oven temperatures often vary considerably from the set point shown on the cooker. I would start with a fan oven set to 220C and simply try it, reduce as necessary but I suspect that you won't need to as the fan will not have the harsh drying effect on the bread since it is protected by the Cloche.
  • Does La Cloche work best sitting on the floor of the oven, or on one of the steel shelves (i.e. higher up in the oven)? Thanks!
    The cloche will do best if heat is allowed to circulate all round, so on a shelf is best.
  • I currently bake my sourdough in the Rayburn. My Rayburn cooks hotter on the last hand side of the oven and I turn the loaf a 1/4 round each 7.5 minutes. If I buy La Cloche will this eradicate the problem I currently have ? Your other baking product of
    Yes, the problem whould be much reduced as it tends to spread the heat. If the problem is very severe then you are likely still to see some uneven heating but the La Cloche should help considerably.
  • I bake most loaves in a tin - can I put a tin (or two?) in the cloche?
    You might be able to fit in a small one but it isn't really designed for that.

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