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KoMo Mills

  • How long should the millstones last?
    Under normal use, the stones will last at least 15 years.
  • Can the mills be used to make porridge?
    Yes, grind oats using a coarse mill setting.
  • If the mill runs empty, do the stones grind down?
    No, the stones are held apart by springs.
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Lames & Grignettes

  • Do you also sell extra razor blades !!! for the lame ( the blue one on the website )
    Yes, the blades you need are the Bordelaise/Landaise blades and can be found here
  • Which grignette should I choose?

    The most popular grignette amongst both home and professional bakers is the Mure & Peyrot 'Bordelaise'. It is popular because it has all of the options in one tool:

    • the blade (lame) can be made to take a curve, or to remain straight
    • the blade is replaceable and takes standard razor blades (available from us) and so are extremely sharp
    • the blade can be removed and rotated to ensure that all corners can be used
  • How long do the blades last?
    The blades are good for 100s of cuts, more or less dependent of the dough that is uses: a white dough will blunt the blade (lame) less than a seeded dough (only by a tiny amounts but this adds up over 100s of cuts).
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Flour Tubs

  • Do the tubs stack?
    All the tubs have the same diameter and so will stack with each other, with or without a lid.


  • Can the Thermapens be used to measure liquid?
    Yes, the probes are designed for use in liquid and semi-solid materials (like bread).
  • Are the Thermapens waterproof?
    While the probes are suitable for immersion in water, the body of the thermometer is splash-proof but not suitable for immersion.

Paper Cake Cases

  • Can the cases be used in the oven?
    Yes, the paper cake cases are designed to hold the dough in the oven and for the baked panettone to remain in the case until the cake is eaten.
  • What temperature can the cases withstand?

    They are designed to withstand a moderately hot oven, 220°C / 430F.

  • Are the cases freestanding, or do they need to go in a tin?
    They are designed to be freestanding and do not need to be supported.
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Mixing Bowls

  • What is the maximum diameter of the mixing bowls?
    The values given in the description (18cm, 26cm etc) give the diameter from the top of the bowl to the top of the bowl, not the very outside of the rim to the opposite outside of the rim. For this you should add 2.5cm.
  • What size of bowl do I need?
    Of course it depends on what you are making, and the quantity, but the 4.5L bowl is good for mixing a dough using 1kg flour and is our most popular size.

Couche Cloths

  • How can I clean the couche cloth?
    Most of the time, the cloth can be shaken to remove the lose flour, folded and put away, provided that it is thoroughly dry. If you need to give the cloth a wash, it is important to only hand wash in cold water and to avoid using detergents. When dry, you may like to iron with a full-steam linen setting to restore the smoothness.

Proving Baskets

  • What size of proving basket do I need?

    The weight given in the name of the proving basket is the nominal dough weight. A 1kg proving basket will take 1kg of dough, based on a white dough. Other flours will make the loaf denser but will still work in the chosen proving basket. So if your favourite recipe uses 300g flour and 200g water, a 500g basket is the one to go for. If you need to adjust your recipe to neatly fit your proving baskets, use our Dough Calculator.

  • What should I do to avoid my dough sticking?
    Proving baskets, both lined and unlined, should be dusted with rye flour (alternatively rice or potato flour) as this works much better than wheat flour. Note that the dishwashable bannetons should either be oiled with a light vegetable oil or used with a banneton liner which should then be dusted.
  • How do I choose between the different types of banneton?
    We supply home bakers, bakeries, restaurants and production plants with all types of bannetons. The lined wicker and spiral cane bannetons are by far the most popular with home bakers, restaurants and bakeries, the two styles coming from separate traditions. The spiral cane bannetons give a signature pattern to the finished loaf which many go for, otherwise the difference is largely aesthetic. We have wood-fibre bannetons which many beginners find useful as they are the easiest to use when tipping the risen dough out. The dishwashable baskets are typically used in production processes but some home bakers like them as they can be thoroughly washed between uses.
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Chicago Metallic

  • How should I look after Chicago Metallic glazed bakeware?

    Chicago Metallic glazed bakeware has a tough commercial-grade coating (Americoat) to extend the life of the product by up to 30%. Before first use it should be seasoned before first use and lightly oiled following cleaning, but this is very quick and easy. Details can be seen in the video below.

    Looking After Your Glazed Pan

Wood-Fired Ovens

  • How are the ovens delivered?
    The wood-fired ovens from Four Grand-Mère arrive on one or two pallets, depending on the model and optional components ordered. The lorry delivering the pallets will have a tail-lift to unload the pallet(s) onto your drive. The driver will have a pallet-truck so, provided that the ground is hard, they will be able to move the pallets to the location you need.
  • Are the oven deliveries weather-proof?
    Yes, the pallets are wrapped in plastic and will withstand some rain. However, although the components of the oven can remain outside indefinitely, it is a good idea to remove the instructions, any ash bin, peels, hooks etc to a dry place as soon as practicable.
  • What is the lead time for Four Grand-Mère Ovens?
    The lead time from order to delivery is usually 3-4 weeks. It can reduce in the Autumn-Winter and may increase a little during Spring-Summer. The ovens are delivered directly from Four Grand-Mère and it should be noted that they close for a period during August.
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Sourdough Starter

  • Should I use strong or plain flour with the dried starter?
    You should use strong (bread) flour and can use white, wholemeal or rye - whichever you want to have in the longer term.

La Cloche

  • Can you use this to make a pizza in?
    For deep-dish pizza, certainly yes. Actually Sassafras (the manufacturer) offers the base separately and calls it a deep-dish pizza baker.
  • Can La Cloche be used for cooking anything other than bread?
    Yes, it can be used for: chicken, roasts and fish bakes amongst other things .
  • Will the La Cloche work in a gas or electric fan oven?
    Yes! The La Cloche will work in any conventional oven.
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  • my latest recipe for sourdough ciabatta includes 3g. of malt which my present scales cannot cope with, if i purchase a set of "KD-8000" csales? would i be able to weigh 3g. of malt.
    Yes, the KD8000 are accurate to 1g.
  • How heavy are the KD8000 scales?

    The scales when removed from the packaging weigh around 1.2Kg.

  • What are the dimensions of the KD8000 scales?
    The KD8000 scales are approximately 25cm deep, 19cm wide and 11cm high.
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Granite Baking Stones

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Malted Flour

  • Can malted flour be sent to Australia?
    Yes, Australian customs is happy to allow malted flour into Australia and simply ask that we attach a clear note to the parcel to indicate the content.
  • Could you confirm, please, whether your malted wheat flakes are made from sprouted grains?
    Malted Wheat Flakes contain no additives/flavours, and they are sprouted. The flavour is derived from the steeping, germination and kilning of the grain during the malting process, and further flavour is generated when the grains are flattened and toasted.

Pizza Stones

  • Can the Sassafras pizza stones be used on barbecues?
    Yes, Sassafras has confirmed that these stones are fine on barbecues.

Pearl Sugar

  • Is the Pearl Sugar made from cane or beet sugar?
    The Pearl Sugar is made from sugar beet.

Oven Gloves

  • Are the gloves sold individually or in pairs?
    All our gloves are sold in pairs.

Flour Specifications

  • Is the Maltstar flour made with wholemeal flour?
    The Maltstar flour is based on the 81% Brown flour (wholewheat flour with some of the bran removed to make it lighter).
  • What does the flour's protein percentage indicate?
    The protein level in the flour tells you how much gluten will be formed in the dough. Harder flours typically have higher protein levels and the higher the protein level, the greater the gluten that will be produced. The higher the gluten level, the better the dough will be at holding in the bubbles (carbon dioxide) produced during the proving. So, bakes that are flat or don't need much lift, such as biscuits, can have a low protein flour, less than 11%. Flours with a protein above this level are good for breads and other bakes where lots of lift is required. Flour with a higher level of protein will absorb more water. A recipe using a 12% protein may need only 60% - 65% hydration to deliver a satisfying bread, while the same recipe using a flour with a higher protein content may require a 70%-75% hydration to achieve good results. A strong gluten network, because of the high protein in the flour, will allow you to bulk ferment for longer without risking enzyme damage of the gluten network, as they break the proteins down. Cakes and pastries require low protein flour because a very light and soft-textured baked product is required. Conventional cakes and pastries do not go through long fermentation as most cake recipes use baking powder to achieve instant raising during the baking and mixing eggs and strong bread flour that can transform the whole mix in a heavy stodgy mass.
  • What do the values W, P/L and Falling Number mean?
    In many countries in Europe outside UK, flour is specified by much more than only the protein level of the flour. Taken together the protein, W, P/L ration, Falling Number and moisture level characterise the flour to tell the baker exactly what the flour is best used for - baguette, ciabatta, pizza or panettone, for example. The Chopin Alveograph is a process that manipulates a basic dough using the flour over a period, measuring various aspects of it such as its basic strength and elasticity. The results of the test are presented as three values, W, P and L: W - is a measure of the energy required to make a gas bubble burst in the dough and indicates the strength of the flour. Values 130-170 indicate that the flour is good for biscuits and pastries; 180-260 is good for pizzas; 280-350 is good for brioches and yeasted pastries; over 300 is good for breads; over 350 is good for panettone. P - is a measure of the pressure that the dough withstood and indicates the strength of the dough. L - is a measure of how high the gas bubble was at the point of bursting and gives an indication of the flexibility of the dough P/L is the usual way for P and L to be presented. A P/L between 0.5 and 0.9 is ideal for bread; 0.2-0.4 is good for biscuits. The Falling Number is the measurement of the alpha-amylase activity in the flour indicating the dough stickiness or viscosity. A high value indicates good quality flour undegraded by enzyme activity. The greater the Falling Number, the more able the dough is to rise without large holes opening up in the dough. Values above 250 are required for bread making.
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  • What is the difference between Active and Instant yeast?
    Active yeast needs to be re-hydrated in liquid before being added to the mixture, whereas Instant yeast is ready to use and can be added directly to the flour.
  • Can this instant yeast be stored in the freezer to extend the pack life?
    No, because this yeast doesn't contain any of the preservatives you'd find in non-organic yeast, this product is not suitable for freezing. However, once opened you can put it into a sealed bag and pop it into the fridge, it should last for up to a year with only a 15% drop in activity after this period.
  • Most shop-bought instant yeasts come in 7g packets which is the standard amount for 500g of flour. Is the 9g sachet of this yeast equivalent to that or will it give me too fast a rise if I use the whole pack?
    The manufacturer recommends using one sachet for 500g of flour, but I've not found any difference in strength when compared to standard non-organic yeast, I'd suggest giving it a try and make adjustments as you go.


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Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer

  • will the folding proover work in Australia voltage 240v
    Yes it will - the voltage and frequency is the same as the UK. The difference is only the plug that fits into the wall. The correct lead can be bought from us, just tick the '1 x 2 Pin Euro Power Supply Cable' from the Brød and Taylor page.
  • Could you please tell me how you Temper and hold the tem of the Chocolate in the machine. I have seen a video showing how you melt choc but not Tempering.Kind regardsVal
    Have a look at the following links, which will hopefully give you the information you need. Chocolate page: Detailed instructions:
  • How many loaves can I prove using this? The dimensions would seem to accommodate a couple of the 1kg oval cane bannetons. Is this realistic?
    Yes, you can comfortably fit 2 x 1kg Oval cane bannetons into the proofer.
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Baguette Trays

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Olive Oil

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Candied Peel

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Silicone Baking Mats

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Tins and Trays

  • If I use this Pullman tin with the optional lid, how much should the dough weigh to ensure it fills the tin fully and correctly and cooks OK?

    Take a look at our blog article

Sieves, Sifters and Strainers

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Sassafras Pizza Stones

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General Questions

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Oblong Baker

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Welsh Baking Stone

  • How heavy is this steel?
    The Welsh Baking Stone weighs approximately 3.7kg.
  • Is the Welsh Baking Stone suitable for use on a ceramic hob?
    Yes, the Welsh Baking stone can be used on all hobs.


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Dough Whisks

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Round Refractory Clay Baking Stone

  • What is the maximum oven temperature the stone can be used at?
    In theory it can be heated up to 1000C, which is the temperature it is fired at. It's important with any clay, Superstone or granite baking stone that it is heated evenly and allowed to cool naturally to avoid any thermal shock.


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Mulino Marino

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Pullman Pans

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Lammas Fayre Heritage Flour

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Sekowa Baking Ferment

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Cotswold Gold

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Proofing Cabinet

  • Can the prover be used without its feet?
    The cabinet can be used either with or without its feet. It is 890mm high without and 940mm high with.


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Sharpham Park Flour

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Bread Bins

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