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Beni Wild Harvest Original Beans Chocolate
Beni Wild Harvest Original Beans Chocolate Original Beans Original Beans Dark Couverture Original Beans Chocolate Amazing Beni Tree Cacao drying on large board transporting cacao Cacao island in savannah Beni landscape Beni landscape Spilling out cacao to dry transporting cacao Beni Landscape Beni farmers on canoe Beni Landscape Small pod in hand New plants Beni Wild Harvest Original Beans Chocolate

Beni Wild Harvest Original Beans Couverture Chocolate, 66%

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Original Beans award-winning dark couverture chocolate from rare wild cacao beans. The original beans are selected by indigenous tribesmen in canoes in places only known by them.

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    Original Beans has been actively involved in the conservation of this rare source of 100% wild cacao for several years. Now, genetic research has shown that this ‘original bean’ is a distinct endemic variety, genetically independent from all known cacaos. Extraordinarily, the cacao grows on “chocolates” or “cocoa islands” dating back to a pre-Columbian civilisation. During the wet season, the expert collectors from several indigenous tribes go out, for weeks at a time, in canoes to collect the wild beans in spots only they know about. The wild beans are so small that they require specially modified roasting, all making for a very special chocolate.

    Some of the best chocolate that you will find anywhere and used by many of the world's top chefs. Available in two formats: bars for eating right away and buttons for your baking (couverture) and hot chocolate needs. The ingredients for each format is the same: the only difference is that the bars are tempered to give a shiny finish. This format is for the couverture chocolate, in the form of convenient buttons.

    INGREDIENTS: Direct-trade wild cacao beans, cacao butter*, raw cane sugar*

    TASTING NOTES: Sun-dried cranberries, melon, subtle tropical fruit notes, hints of jasmine tea

    *certified organic

    Original Beans: Rigorously Sustainable / Luxuriously Chocolate from OriginalBeans on Vimeo.

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