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750g / 1.5lb Oval Cane Banneton

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Oval cane banneton or proving basket for supporting 750g bread dough while proving before final baking.

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750g / 1.5lb Oval Cane Banneton

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  • 750g / 1.5lb Oval Cane Banneton


Bannetons or proving baskets are used to support the dough while it rises and just before it goes into the oven to bake it is tipped out and usually scored using a tool called a grignettes (a handled lame or blade) to control how the finished bread looks as it expands in the oven.



Banneton Specification
Dough Capacity

750g / 1.5lb



Internal Dimensions Length x Width x Height:  23.5 x 14.5 x 8 cm (± 1cm) Measured at the top
External Dimensions Length x Width x Height:

25 x 15 x 9 cm  (± 1cm) Measured at the top

Baking Comments:

Put the dough into the banneton for its final prove, dusting it with rye (or another non-wheat) flour to avoid sticking. If using a baking stone, gently tip the dough from the banneton onto a peel dusted with semolina flour and slide onto the baking stone. If you are using a La Cloche, tip the dough onto the La Cloche base, replace the dome and place in the oven.


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Manufacturer BakeryBits
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Product FAQs

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  • What size of proving basket do I need?

    The weight given in the name of the proving basket is the nominal dough weight. A 1kg proving basket will take 1kg of dough, based on a white dough. Other flours will make the loaf denser but will still work in the chosen proving basket. So if your favourite recipe uses 300g flour and 200g water, a 500g basket is the one to go for. If you need to adjust your recipe to neatly fit your proving baskets, use our Dough Calculator.

  • What should I do to avoid my dough sticking?
    Proving baskets, both lined and unlined, should be dusted with rye flour (alternatively rice or potato flour) as this works much better than wheat flour. Note that the dishwashable bannetons should either be oiled with a light vegetable oil or used with a banneton liner which should then be dusted.
  • How do I choose between the different types of banneton?
    We supply home bakers, bakeries, restaurants and production plants with all types of bannetons. The lined wicker and spiral cane bannetons are by far the most popular with home bakers, restaurants and bakeries, the two styles coming from separate traditions. The spiral cane bannetons give a signature pattern to the finished loaf which many go for, otherwise the difference is largely aesthetic. We have wood-fibre bannetons which many beginners find useful as they are the easiest to use when tipping the risen dough out. The dishwashable baskets are typically used in production processes but some home bakers like them as they can be thoroughly washed between uses.
  • Do I need a liner on my cane banneton?
    We sell liners for these baskets as an optional addition. Some like to use them when using a recipe that contains ingredients such as tomato or garlic that might stain or taint the baskets, but many choose not to worry. Whether with or without a liner, you should dust with rye flour.
  • Can the removable liners be washed?
    The removable liners for the cane bannetons may be hand-washed in warm detergent-free water.
  • Can the baskets be washed?
    In general, the baskets do not need to be washed. Traditionally proving baskets are not washed but the excess flour is knocked or brushed out and then the baskets are kept in a dry place. The swirled cane baskets can, if necessary, be run under a tap for a short while provided that they are not soaked and are allowed to dry out completely. The plastic dishwashable ones can, of course, be dishwashed.
  • can the dough be cooked in the banneton proving basket, if not how do you prevent the dough sinking when it is taken out of the basket.thankyou joe.

    No, the proving baskets are only for the final proof of the dough before it goes into the oven. The baskets are dusted before the dough goes in and the proved dough is gently tipped out onto a peel, tray or a La Cloche before going into the oven. If the dough is not over proved it should not collapse.

    Have a look at the video held on the listing pages.